Saint Louis University Boys High Batch 1968 Golden Jubilee in 2018 Announcement

Let's start preparations for our Golden Jubilee Celebration.    

St. Louis Boys High Batch 1968

Golden Jubilee Celebration



Hello, this is addressed to Batch 1968 of St. Louis Boys' High.

We are now preparing the ground works for our hosting our Golden Jubilee in 2018. Those willing to help coordinate it, please contact Christopher Mateo or myself (by PMing us on Facebook) for the US core; or Nito Meneses (also on Facebook) for the Philippines. We have nothing yet on the works. We believe that there is nothing so early in this regard. Before we know it, it would already be 2018. Positive people and only willing to help only, please.

Let's get the word out!! Please share the e-mail addresses of our Batchmaes. Thanks!

Rudy Liporada